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Why I Love Yoga Forever – Yoga Changes the World

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The Death Sentence

I remember the day an orthopedic surgeon told me I would not walk into my forties. I was stunned. He told me my options which at the time were not promising. I asked if anyone actually took him up on his offer and he was shocked at my attitude. He was talking about putting steel rods in my back to keep the disks stable. I would lose the flexibility I needed to remain active. I was in my twenties and it felt like a death sentence.

Biology States that Everything Desires Stasis/Balance

I decided that surgery was not an option and went back to my chiropractor who at least made my life better for a little while before the disks slid out of place again. I had to go three times a week to be able to maintain my job. It was frustrating. I could not accept that this was not fixable. All my education had taught me that all living things attempt to find stasis – it is a natural process. The medical community did not seem to share that opinion. But first year biology was very clear, and I believed in that.

Yoga as an alternative to surgery

heals back painMy chiropractor was a wonderful woman who had a slight alternative side to her. I had learned meditation in my teens and had been drawn to the healing arts, first as a therapist and then as an alternative healer. I was just barely learning healing, but I knew it had to be a better alternatives to a wheel chair or steel rods. We had lots to chat about as she adjusted me three times a week. I eventually got her to open up a little about the muscular system and healing. She surprised me when she shared that she felt my path might be more surgical than alternative as a method of healing.
It was at this time that I began to investigate yoga. I knew that the problems with my back had a lot to do with the way the muscles were not holding the correct form for the spine. I suggested yoga might offer a solution. At first my chiropractor did not agree. I began to do gentle stretching and very basic yoga. I found a book on yoga for bad backs, and I chose the most low impact routine I could find. Within a month, I was able to cut down my chiropractic visits to twice a week. I was thrilled.

Yoga Changes Lives – Especially Mine!

I will not say that the yoga was not without pain or difficulty, it can really hurt to pull a muscle over a part of the body that is misaligned, but I studied and I learned what my body could do and what it could not. I found that slowly I was moving out of the constant pain that had haunted me for years. Over the next 24 years (Oh my god, it has been twenty four years!!!!) I worked to maintain and fix my body. I still have horrible days from time to time (yes, I can stupidly skip yoga when I am in a bad place and it falls back into lax muscles and pain), but I have learned that yoga can repair so much more than a spine. It fixes the heart, the mind, the perceptions and the purpose of a soul in action through life.

Embellished Yoga Clothes – Spiritual Yoga Clothes

Because of my dedication to yoga, I basically live in yoga clothes (fluffy pajamas are also very comfortable), and so I am constantly on the lookout for cool spiritual yoga clothes. With a background in art, and computers and a stint in the print industry, it still came as a shock when mediation after meditation was showing me spiritually inspired yoga clothing. Yoga shirts, and yoga pants embellished with metaphysical designs that actually imbue the wearer with divine energy. In addition to spiritual yoga clothes, we create spiritual wall art and sacred window art – placing the designs on the walls and the windows of the mediation/activity space to also imbue the space with the same energies.

Yoga transformed my life

So, Yoga transformed my life, literally. I am in my fifties now, walking soundly and strongly through what was predicted to be a somewhat incapacitated life. It is my joy to share my story and my work with others so that they too can see what yoga and spirituality can do to transform not only an individual life, but an entire planet.