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But I Thought They were My Soul Mate – What is a Soul Mate?

we all want a soul mate

What is a Soul Mate?

I am always shocked at how everyone seems to have found their soul mate. I believe if people knew what a soul mate actually is, they would understand the inherent difficulty and most likely run. Now I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade here, but soul mate connections are just not that common. Society has once again found a complex thing and have tried to make it ordinary – something everyone has. We all want a soul mate!! Why I say, don’t we actually want a nice relationship? Continue reading “But I Thought They were My Soul Mate – What is a Soul Mate?” »

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The Power of Love

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Life as a Study in the Power of Love

Archangel GabrielI have come to realize my whole life has been a study in the power of love. The first real piece of art I ever created was of the word LOVE. That was 45 years ago and my father still has it in his study. It was made with crayon and water color. I was six, and even then love was at the center of my thoughts. I suppose it has never never been far from my thoughts. I have spent every minute since pondering the thought and meaning of the power of love. Continue reading “The Power of Love” »