Everlasting Life – Tree of Life Wall Art Lo Tac Wall Sticker


Tree of Life Wall Art (Everlasting Life) – Sacred Geometry Spiritual Art Collection

The Tree of Life/Everlasting Life Design was chosen to embellish this Lo Tac Wall Sticker. The tree of life wall art was created to assist in grounding the energy of Everlasting Life through spiritual Ascension directly into the room it is placed in.



• use over and over again
• wraps around corners and poles
• able to withstand any temperature or climate change without shrinking or curling
• to not rip or wrinkle
• is non-toxic, safe and biodegradable

Our Tree of Life Wall Art adhesive will not leave a sticky residue on 99% of any surface when removed. It can withstand all weather conditions, and it will not shrink or curl like other material. Our Wall Decals won’t rip or wrinkle and can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation.

Tree of Life (Everlasting Life) – Sacred Geometry Spiritual Art Collection


Tree of Life Design – Tree of Life – After the energy of Creation has condensed into matter (as the tree of life itself), it is thought to reverse its course back up the Tree until it is once again united with its true nature (God). Humanity seeks to know itself and the Universe as an expression of God, and to make the journey home by stages until he has come to the realisation he sought. Our tree of life is designed with the kabbalistic tree of life geometry as the leaves on our tree to bring the process of a return to god directly into the body.

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Dimensions 28 x 28 x .1 in


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