Star Tetrahedron – Equilibrium Rubber Coaster Set


Our Rubber Coasters are great for high traffic areas, homes with children, communal areas and outdoor spaces.


Star Tetrahedron/Star of David (Equilibrium) Rubber Coaster Set

  • Flexible, slip-resistant and durable, rubber coasters also are washable.
  • Our Rubber coaster sets are upscale and look great imprinted with spiritual designs.
  • Decorated with Star Tetrahedron the symbol of Equilibrium.
  • Polyester with open cell black rubber backing.
  • Each set contains 4 coasters
  • Dimensions: each coaster is a 3.5” square

Professional and practical, our Spiritual Rubber Coaster Sets add a sacred touch to your home, office or communal space. Our Rubber Coaster Sets look great and protect your surfaces from scratches and liquids.

Equilibrium (Star of David) Sacred Geometry Spiritual Rubber Coaster Set

Star Tetrahedron – Symbolic of Merkahbah Meditation. Balanced Male and Female (intermingled triangles) energies with the energy of the flower of life as the background design.

Star of David – Traditionally the Star of David is the means by which one connects to god. More specifically, it is defined as David’s Spiritual Protection – he felt securely enveloped – surrounded and protected by all six sides – above, below, east, west, north, south. God is the only protection we need – Connection to God gives us that protection.

Equilibrium (Star of David) – Sacred Geometry Spiritual Rubber Coaster Set


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