Crown Chakra Aromatherapy Mineral Bath


  • enough for three to four baths
  • works to cleanse the crown chakra
  • detox's the body
  • softens skin


Spiritually Savvy’s Crown Chakra Aromatherapy Mineral Bath

Created with destressing and spiritual cleansing in mind, bathing in these mineral waters is a natural way to relieve stress, relax and refresh the body.

In addition to the wonders of cleansing in an Aromatherapy Mineral Bath, our bath products are enhanced with spiritual energy to actually cleanse the Crown Chakra of any obstructions to the chakra system. The crown chakra is the top of the chakra system and it is the chakra that connects us to the universe, our divinity and our creative source.

Cleansing of the crown chakra (also known as the Sahasrara Chakra, which means ‘Thousand Fold’) opens us more fully to our divine purpose and grounds us into our connection to spirit and the universe. Opening the crown chakra is imperative to our spiritual awakening.

On the physical realm, our mineral baths include 100% Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts and Baking soda. Dead Sea Salts provide nourishment to the physical body by way of providing minerals directly through the skin. Epsom Salts to relieve pain and inflammation, and baking soda to regulate the ph of the skin to soften and nourish the skin especially in the case of rashes and irritations.


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