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Reiki Healing – A Pure form of Healing

Reiki Healing came to me in my early thirties. I have been practicing and sharing Reiki healing for over twenty years. To me it is one of the simplest and therefore extremely powerful forms of healing. If it were up to me, everyone on the planet would know reiki.

Reiki Energy – Looking for a Change?

Reiki was my first formal healing class. I was a natural and didn’t always need to go to a class to do healing work. Then one day I had a horrible migraine and a co worker asked if I would like to let him do some healing work on me. I said sure. The experience realigned my life path and the life I was living then is nothing like the life I am living now. I am a far better person and more thankfully a more authentic being than I would have been if reiki did not come into my life.

reiki principles for lifeReiki has many levels that prepare you to become an adept healer. You start off with the most rudimentary form of it which is hands on healing. You receive attunements which open up the natural healing channels of the body. You begin to learn to meditate in reiki, to share reiki, to change your life with reiki (yes, you can reiki your checkbook). I thrive in reiki energy.

Less Ego – More Reiki

As you progess, you receive additional attunements and additional teachings. You learn to use reiki distantly and how to actually integrate it into yourself and your life. I thrive in reiki energy. If you are diligent, you can continue to progress into teaching and attuning others into reiki. This is considered the Master level and is not for everyone. To become a good master teacher, you must learn to release ego, because the power of the attunement is about reiki, and if you cannot step aside to let the reiki flow, if you try to control the reiki in any way, the student suffers. You can only give as deep an attunement as you can channel. Less ego, more Reiki. Thankfully life is about magnetization, and we draw the students we are meant to attune.

Reiki Requires Responsibility

I love reiki for many reasons, one of the biggest is that reiki requires responsibility. Reiki asks the healers to accept money for their healing services. Master Usui who brought Reiki back found that if one was not willing to part with energy in exchange for healing, they did not hold the healing permanently. If they were no invested enough in their own life to make an exchange of some kind, then they were not really ready to heal. This was proven to him and his students and teachers when they worked with the poor and destitute of Japan. They could be healed in the moment, but if they were not truly vested, they would return to the same thought patterns that brought disease in the first place.

Attunements can Change Anything

Reiki attunements are life changing. They open us up to universal life force energy which literally fuels the entire reality. We learn to be open to change and to embrace it. We learn to look at life a little differently and the reiki if we get really comfortable begins to flow through all that we do. It, like God, prefers an intimate relationship with us.
reiki a pure healing energy
I have attuned my children, my business, my car, my animals, my clients and the world. There is no limit to the possibility with reiki. It has the ability to flow through disease and lack with a gentle love that nudges our small minds into infinity. I love reiki. I hope you do too.

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