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Spiritually Savvy Presents the Sacred Geometry of the Tree of Life

Tree of Life – After the energy of Creation has condensed into matter (as the tree of life itself), it is thought to reverse its course back up the Tree until it is once again united with its true nature (God). Humanity seeks to know itself and the Universe as an expression of God, and to make the journey home by stages until he has come to the realisation he sought.

Spiritually Savvy loves the tree of life and what it represents. Having worked both the Kaballah and the tree of life separately, we have combined the power of the two into the one image. We have taken the Kaballah pathways and created them as the symbolic leaves on the tree of life. Knowing the expansion of power, love and knowledge leads to the spirit’s realization of everlasting and eternal life.

Our tree of life is designed with the kabbalistic tree of life geometry as the leaves on our tree to bring the process of a return to god directly into the body.