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Aum – Sacred Hindu Art

The aum is a hindu Symbol which pertains to the absolute nature of God. Aum is a blessing used to honor the universe. Aum is symbolic of God’s representing all that is manifest and unmanifest within a reality. When the Aum is meditated upon, it helps to bring the absolute nature of God directly into the being of the individual.

It assists in creating an energy of wholeness and unity within people and within sacred space. Whether you choose our wall art, or our static cling window film, or even a mousepad or t-shirt, The power of Aum is generated from the product chosen. Without any effort on the part of the user, the positive vibration of infinity and wholeness moves effortlessly through the person viewing or using or wearing the product which bears the symbol. Aum is a formidable force which assists in manifesting the perfection of Spirit in and around all things.