Aromatherapy Mineral Bath

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results

Spiritually Savvy’s Aromatherapy Mineral Baths

Our Aromatherapy Mineral Baths gently detoxify and relax your body. We use the finest products we can find to give you a wonderful at home spa treatment without having to leave your home. We use aromatherapy blends and color therapy to enhance your experience and allow a greater level of healing on all levels of being.

Made to address most issues, our Aromatherapy Mineral Baths have 100% Dead Sea Salt to nourish the skin and body, Baking Soda to balance the ph, and soften the skin, and Epsom Salt to relax the physical body and bring relief to sore achy muscles.

Each 8 oz bag of Bath Salts is enough for 2-4 baths. It provides an inexpensive way to receive a spa quality mineral bath in your own home. We hope you enjoy your Mineral Baths as much as we enjoy making them. Easy to Use and provide a great gentle fragrance.