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Modern Role Models – Fierce J-Setting with the Prancing Elites

prancing elites project - modern roll models

My daughter and I watch about an hour of tv together most every night. It is my job to find shows to record so we can watch them commercial free. One night I was flipping through looking for more things to record, when I stumbled upon the Prancing Elites Project. My daughter loves synchronized dancing and I had absolutely no idea what the show was when I chose it.

Fierce J-Setting with the Prancing Elites


It blew me away. There are few episodes that do not at times bring me to tears. Their courage, their perseverance and their optimism are constant and inspiring to say the least. Now I know nothing about J-Setting. I had never even heard of it prior to the show, but I recognize passion when I see it. These individuals have it in spaces.

j setting dance competition prancing elitesI grew up in Atlanta Ga in the 60s and NY in the 70s and 80s. I have seen first hand what it is to be black in this country. I have seen first hand what it is to be Gay in this country. It is not pretty. I love to think I live in an amazing country, and I do. But the hatred, the bigotry, the judgement that abound in this country I have never had pride for. Honestly it makes me sick and it increased my compassion and empathy for souls hated for no reason other than being different. It hurts me to know what people do to those of us that dare to be born different.

Wake Up People- Sexually Speaking We Are Who We Are!!!


Sexuality – no matter what people say – is inherent within us. I am truly not gay, but that is not my choice. I was born not gay. I am pretty sure there is no woman on this planet that could turn me gay, because, honestly, as much as I might find beauty in the female form as an artist, as a sexual being – there is simply nothing there. So all the hooplah about someone’s sexuality being wrong has simply never found a home in my heart, my brain or my outlook. Maybe it helps that my first husband was gay and struggled horribly with being gay, wanting to please his family and desperately wanting children and a family. I don’t honestly know, what I do know is that for most of my adult life I have felt a need to protect those fierce individuals I have come across with the internal fortitude to simply be themselves.

The Beauty of the Prancing Elites


The individuals who comprise the Prancing Elites are just those kind of people. I have watched them be destroyed time after time after time and each time they pick themselves up and they keep going. I have only seen part of a season of the show, and as a short snippet of their life, it makes it clear what daily opposition they find in life. I of course adore them. Not only do they appear to be genuinely kind people, OOHHH Can they dance!!!!!!!!

J-Setting Competitions & Modern Roll Models


beauty-prancing-elites.jpgIn the last episode of the show, The Prancing Elites participated in a Co-Ed J-Setting Competition. They of course (of course!!) got to the finals and were competing against what they called – a group that was really on point. In light of the style and sophistication of the Prancing Elites – being on point was not enough. What was amazing about the competition, was the outright harassment they got just for walking onto the stage. Their poise, their class and their focus was evident as they stayed there watching the public insult and not flinching. They were yelled at – cursed at – judged and ridiculed, but this Fierce Dance Team just pulled themselves together and danced their asses off. They truly were amazing to watch. My only regret was not being there to see their entire performance/Routines live and in person.

If you want to see their humorous side – Check Our the Prancing Elites Making it Rain in Los Angeles

Modern Roll Models – The Prancing Elites


The Prancing Elites Project has been renewed for a second season. I could not be happier. In a world of messed up helpless victims, this team of dancers provide a positive roll model to any individual who does not fit in with Society’s accepted forms of normalcy. These Girls make life better just by existing, but thankfully, they do way more than that. And yes, they won the competition!