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Lifelong Anemia and a Non-Existent Immune System

boosting the immune system with super foods

What do you mean I have no Immune System?

It was June 2009 when I realized that my lifelong dance with Anemia had reared it’s head again. I noticed it was in an extreme case when my fingernails developed deep ridges that were exceedingly visible to the naked eye.

I worked hard for several years to eradicate it. Large amounts of iron, B6, B12, Folic Acid. For a while it got better. My fingernails got a little better and I dropped the routine about five years in.

Last weekend, I met a lovely braniac who bought me a hot chocolate because I am horribly allergic to caffeine. He wanted to see me the next day and of course I said yes. His questions were a little deeper including bringing up my anemia and mineral deficiences, which he could clearly see from my fingernails. I was a little devastated as as it was so clear to everyone but me. In the past few years, my health has been failing and as my systems got weaker, I realized that somehow my immune system was failing.

This is the weekend I put the two things together. My immune system was failing because the lifelong anemia that had plagued me most of my life was far more out of control than i realized and now I was seeing the basic defenses of my body practically wiped out. I realized that when I became incredibly sick after exposure to one person who had just come from a hospital (He selflessly donates platelets every two weeks). It took me four days to recover and my lungs are still not clear. Thank God/Goddess for Colloidal Silver – with whom I owe a huge debt.

What is a Super Food?

mission figs for super food spreadIn my research I realized that to satisfy the needs of my body, I would probably need to concoct something that would be easier to consume mixed instead of individually. How did I come to that? Well, iron is hard to come by if you do not consume a great deal of meat, and from both a health and price perspective, meat is sometimes not in the mix. At least not enough to get the needed iron from it. In addition, I have extreme teeth problems, and some foods are just getting hard to eat. So, I found figs which I love have iron, and apricots which I don’t love have even more. I love dried fruit, and it is wonderful, but not with teeth problems. So, in this case, I am making a fruit spread out of dried figs and apricots (dry fruits have a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals by weight than their non dehydrated counterparts) which I can then add to cream of wheat and end up with about 75-80 percent of my iron requirements in one meal and one small bowl. An Iron Super Food. Made with great consciousness to provide everything in one place.

Yes of course supplements help – But Only to an Extent

Although I have found supplements can stave off issues, they do not in and of themselves truly stop them. What do I mean by that? Well cells are tricky. They want what they want in the form they want it. Our cells want food. Good healthy food. We bombard them with supplements and yes, those supplements get in their but do they really open up that cell to full capacity? Well, no they do not – which is why I know how much smoothies make me truly happy.

Yes, Smoothies are Amazing Sources of Nutrition

I love me some smoothie. Caramel flavored greek yogurt, wonderful fruits and some juice and I am one happy girl! No, I don’t put kale or seeds in it.. sorry.. but I can do a fruit smoothie that makes me happy for a long time – Why? Well, my body simply loves it. I don’t know how to explain it, but my body – the cells of my body simply adore it. It improves my mood, fills me to capacity, feeds my brain and goodness, I find I smile more on those days. But, it takes time. smoothie prep in this house can take 15-20 minutes. I do not have that ambition every day. Sometimes I tell myself the house is way to cold to smoothie. I know I need it, but…. I really do have alot to do.

So what is the scoop on Whole Food Diets

As a healer who cares both about myself and my family, I have tried whole food as a way of life, and I have abandoned it for something less extreme and more pleasing to others. Why? Well to be honest it did not solve all the problems like I had been told it would. It was more expensive, more time consuming, more frustrating and more importantly totally unpalatable to my family.

So it did not surprise me to find research in my quest that names foods like raisin bran and frosted mini wheats as totally unhealthy and suggested quinoa as an alternative. Ok, if I could get a single person besides myself to try it I guess so. I was struck by how many left of center nutritionists just miss the mark in their extremist view towards diet. As a healer, I was taught to meet the client where they are. In other words, You meet them in their life understanding where they are and why they are there before you simply overturn their worlds with demands they will never be able to meet.

My business partner last month went so far as to see a nutritionist regarding her joint inflammation. It was both a helpful and harmful experience. And yes, her nutritionist suggested quinoa which I found out when I told her about my mini wheats discovery. Yes we had a chuckle over someone thinking quinoa was going to work long term. Now I am sure for some people – quinoa is not a problem. But for the vast majority of Americans, it just isn’t where we are. And while I am not an extremist, I simply found that quinoa would not work for me. I still believe in whole foods where I can, and I also do processed when I have to. Yes. Sometimes I really have to.

What does it All Mean – Whole Foods Versus Processed Foods

Whole foods have the energy and nutrition to open our cells and make them happy. Supplements may not make our cells happy, but they do open them to an extent. I believe in both levels. No supplement can truly reverse a deep imbalance long term, but it can certainly make headway. Whole foods is a huge investment of time money and patience but it too cannot cure everything. It can be quite complex mixing everything together to suit everyone (especially in a family). I have a seventy/thirty kind of approach. I consume whole foods when and where I can (thank you Trader Joe’s for the best cheapest produce in the land) and I also used processed on those nights where I either did not get to the market, or I did not make a timely enough plan. I also mix and match.. I intersperse them. Why do I not go wholly whole food? Mostly because I do not live on the frontier and I do not have the personal freedom to do so. I have to count pennies and seconds in my day. As most of us do!

dried fig superfood spreadBut I will tell you that I just checked my fruit spread. The house smells delicious! The figs and apricots blended well enough that I can eat it just about every day. I even wish I had something to spread it on because licking that spoon did not give me enough! Like a smoothie it made me very happy to eat. So I know it is doing very good things in there. Forgive me if I sneak in later, and put it on a cracker with some peanut butter!

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