Fruit Almond Milk Smoothie

smoothie recipe

Who Doesn’t Love a Smoothie?

We have been enjoying smoothies in this place for oh, 10 years now, and nothing can lift my spirits like a nice fresh smoothie.

a yummy smoothie recipe Yes, I know we are technical people here (HA!) so, for this smoothie, you will need a blender.

Today’s Fruit Almond Milk Smoothie

2 Bananas
2 Gala apples
3 plums
2 cups almond milk
1 cup salted caramel greek yogurt

Put it all in a blender, and blend it! I have to let it run a while, because I do not enjoy a non smooth smoothie.

Enough for three.. We enjoy smoothies in a group here at Spiritually Savvy, and we always find someone to share the smoothie – because ok.. who doesn’t love a smoothie?