Estrogen Dominance & Breast Cancer – What more do we need?

use less estrogen to prevent breast cancer

Do We Understand Estrogen Dominance Leads to Cancer Yet?

I find this subject highly under discussed considering how many women die each year from breast cancer. My very best friend is a few years older than me and started menopause prior to me. It was not going well. She went on hormone therapy after completing some financial papers that were less than stellar in her own opinion. She told me she had no mind due to the hormone fog.

I don’t like to inflict my insane beliefs on others and so although it irked me a little that someone I loved was dumping estrogen in a way that would create the estrogen dominance that is killing our kind off, I tried to keep my mouth shut. For a time.
progesterone therapy

Do All Hormone Replacement Therapies Include Estrogen?

No, but lets say an inaccurate estimate is like 90% yes.. Even I, in a state of insanity bought something to help me get some sleep and not wake up in a pool of my own sweat, purchased something that made no mention of estrogen, only to find it had a cohosh that turns to estrogen in the body. ARGH!!!!

Funny thing was, I had for some reason stopped using the progesterone creme I had been using for about two years and never made the correlation. Yes, I am now back on the progesterone creme, living a far better quality of life and look ma, no added estrogen.

So, when my dear sweet bestie was still suffering and going on estrogen patches, I could no longer control myself and said, “Can we talk?”

Estrogen Dominance – Why Are We Killing Ourselves?

breast cancer from estrogenYes, ladies, this is a real question. I mean really, why – when we absolutely know and have proof that estrogen dominance leads to breast cancer – why do we pump it into our bodies when we really don’t need it? Birth Control pills came out in the sixties and seventies – touted to be the cure all for unwanted pregnancies – a simple pill. Did we think to look at the data that started to show cancer rising in young women? No, we wanted a simple cure for birth control. Hormone replacement therapies came in what the 80s? Again Estrogen. Really? Ok, hindsight makes it easier to say WTF, but honestly, why are we so quick to put things into our bodies when we do no know what they do to us? Especially hormones that are so complex and hardly understood.

What is wrong with Progesterone Creme? Is it Because it Doesn’t Kill Us?

Now I know that not all researchers and doctors hate women – but why does it look that way on paper? What I mean is, with estrogen being such a ticking time bomb, why do doctors and researchers see it as a vital alternative to discomfort at the change of life? Is it really the only solution we have? Why all the haters ignoring the hormone that does not contribute to cancer and actually helps keep estrogen in balance? I honestly do not know.

How intimate do you want to get with your Progesterone Creme?

Now I know I am not normal and I gave that up a long time ago. I have an odd relationship with spirit and I am accustomed to it, but even I was a little surprised when I got my instructions for using progesterone creme during meditation. I was told to put some on my skin, yes, but to mostly deposit it at the source – directly up the kooch! WHAT???

I told a friend who I talk to about such things, and her reply was, oh yes, my doctor (she is in California – and had a doctor who created her creme especially for her with progesterone and other wonderful things she needed – very progressive) told me to put it in the same place. Ok, thought I, one point for intuition.

So yes, if you are in perimenopause, a little progesterone creme on the skin in various places (alternate the sites to keep the hormones from building up in one place) aids tremendously. As you get closer to fifty and the hot flashes start, well that is when you need to get a little more ‘intimate’ with where you put your creme. At this point in my life, I am 52, I do a little of both. Externally where ever I have a little dry skin and can use a little creme then internally and yes despite it being too much information, we insert it in the holy of holies and say a little prayer (prayers are truly optional).

Progesterone – A Schedule we can Follow in Good Conscience>

use progesterone cremeFor those women daring enough to do it a little different, Progesterone creme is a life saver. No derivatives, just actual progesterone creme – and I mean naturally occurring, not chemically created. Chemically created is just another hormonal disaster waiting to happen as your body does not really recognize it as progesterone.

For anyone in peri-menopause, using progesterone creme is easy. Two days after ovulation, begin to apply small amounts of progesterone creme in alternating sites once or twice a day as needed. You continue until you begin to bleed. As you get farther along the path and the hot flashes truly start, you can increase this to two times a day with at least one being an internal application.

Once you have stopped menstruating altogether, you can apply progesterone creme once or twice a day as needed, but since you no longer ovulate, you can apply it every day. Internal or external application is truly about choice and symptoms. The greater the symptoms, the more likely the relief will be greater from an internal application.

Good luck Girls.. and remember – we don’t have to die to be comfortable.