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Trust me, Change is good

change is good

CoffeeBeanDirectLogoI got up late this morning. I had 4 hours of sleep in 60 hours and was feeling a little like extra sleep was good. I asked if anyone had made coffee. No was the general response, so I went to go make coffee and saw it needed to be ground (I buy the very best whole bean decaf coffee in the world.. coffee bean direct.. check it out). I now knew why there was no coffee.. no problem, I love grinding because it always smells so good. Continue reading “Trust me, Change is good” »

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Reiki Healing – A Pure form of Healing

Reiki Healing came to me in my early thirties. I have been practicing and sharing Reiki healing for over twenty years. To me it is one of the simplest and therefore extremely powerful forms of healing. If it were up to me, everyone on the planet would know reiki. Continue reading “Reiki Healing – A Pure form of Healing” »

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How to Give Thanks When Life Sucks

when life sucks gratitude really is about attitude

Yep, Life Sucks! It Really Does

Ok, I have to admit it. Life has sucked for a long time. I like to be optimistic, but I also like to call a spade a spade. So as thanksgiving approaches and I feel the ultimate dissatisfaction with my life, I wonder to my self and to God, How do I give thanks when life so wholly sucks? Continue reading “How to Give Thanks When Life Sucks” »

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But I Thought They were My Soul Mate – What is a Soul Mate?

we all want a soul mate

What is a Soul Mate?

I am always shocked at how everyone seems to have found their soul mate. I believe if people knew what a soul mate actually is, they would understand the inherent difficulty and most likely run. Now I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade here, but soul mate connections are just not that common. Society has once again found a complex thing and have tried to make it ordinary – something everyone has. We all want a soul mate!! Why I say, don’t we actually want a nice relationship? Continue reading “But I Thought They were My Soul Mate – What is a Soul Mate?” »

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Reasons I was rejected on this week

Reasons I was rejected on this week

After about a decade of sexless marriage followed by almost 9 years as a single parent, I began to feel like maybe I was not getting all my needs met. Not only do I have no one to help paint my very large Victorian porch, I was finding the loneliness of a life unshared to be a little more unbearable than I had ever thought I would. I had met a few men, nothing ever lead anywhere, and frankly I was too damaged to take anyone up on any offer that came my way. Continue reading “Reasons I was rejected on this week” »

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PTSD – I Sleep Better When Jack McCoy is on the Television

ptsd is real

jack mccoy sam waterston ptsdSeveral years ago, after more drama than I ever thought I would live, it was brought to my attention that I was suffering with PTSD. I was also informed that it was several decades that I had been going through it and all the weird stuff I did was part and parcel of just what life with PTSD was like.

It explained why I prefer to sleep on a couch than in a bed. It explained why I had to have the tv on just to fall asleep. It explained why I sleep better when Sam Waterston portraying Jack McCoy fought for justice overnight on Law & Order. I have a dvr and tape it so that I can watch it all night long. I say watch – I sleep to it. Very soundly.

Continue reading “PTSD – I Sleep Better When Jack McCoy is on the Television” »

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Embracing Pain – How I Saved my Broken Heart

embracing my pain - healing my broken heart

Was I born to Sadness?

I have spent a great deal of my life depressed. It took me into my forties to figure that one out, but when I did figure it out it was a little freeing. I was mostly an optimistic person through a majority of my life. I could normally figure a way through any problem. I maintained this air of gumption. It didn’t matter to me if life were hard, it was just a challenge to get through the obstacle course of my life. I loved a challenge. Continue reading “Embracing Pain – How I Saved my Broken Heart” »