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Being a Bull Dog & Thinking OutSide the Box

outside the box thinking




I have been in multiple fields of business throughout my careers, and so I have had to develop skills that move across job functions. It is daunting to have to learn an entire new way of working every few years or so, but I have found that it has given me this different way of dealing with processes that others do not have. Mostly, I have learned about being a bull dog.

Yes, Pretty girls are great at being a bull dog. A bull dog is simply someone who does not give up. In a world of entitled people who have yet to learn that skills go farther than good looks, bull dogs rule. In the long run, perseverance wins over just about any other ploy. I have found that many video playing individuals who all want to be graphic artists, just have not developed the life skills that drive people to success in the field of their choice.

How does one end up being a bull dog you ask? It is actually quite simple – you decide as an individual to be the best you can be with your limited skills. You then look at what skills you need to be successful and you work long and hard to master those skills. Yes, you work longer and harder than anyone else thinks you need to work to be successful. You read everything you can about the skills you need to develop and you then work very hard to implement them. You become so deeply adept at what you are trying to accomplish that you have the ability to think outside the box.

Kick It Up a Notch -Perseverance –  Thinking Outside the Box


Thinking outside the box comes from a depth of knowledge most people do not understand. Many people are satisfied with a cursory understanding of the tasks they seek to endeavor in life. A surface relationship as it were. Surface relationships are fine. They are not to my personal liking, but they work for many people. You don’t normally get a depth of understanding from a surface relationship. Out of the box thinking requires a deeper level of commitment.

Learning to Ponder Leads to Successful Outcomes


Thought upon a subject leads to deeper understandings. Thus, it helps to ponder. It also helps to have an imagination. Pondering and imagining are actually very much the same thing. I am currently having my house painted. I am trading counseling sessions with a lovely artistic woman who is making my house beautiful. She wanted to use Valspar paint, and since they woodwork has only the original paint on it, she wanted it with primer. Now, I am personally not much of a fan of Valspar paint. It isn’t personal, I just don’t like the way it feels. But I was not the one painting, and so I absolutely got what the professional wanted. The professional neglected to tell me she had never worked with that type of paint, but that is a different point. When she tried to do the doors, in the heat and humidity of a northeastern july, we ended up with bubbles in the paint and a very tacky feel to it. Six weeks later, it still felt tacky (ok three months later and it is still tacky.. honestly.. it is).

The Painter’s solution was to just put another coat on it and it would even out. I pondered. I sat and stared at those doors and I pondered. I like a very solid surface and these doors are ones I actually see each and every day, so how they look matters to me. I problem solved for the doors like I would a computer program. I became the process. It is something that requires a great deal of patience and a great deal of understanding. Since I have been painting both walls and canvases for years, I have an in depth understanding of paint, paint flow, paint drying, paint. I know paint. I have also worked with brushes, rollers, fingers, knives, palette knives, did i mention fingers?  and also sprays, aerosols and spray brushes.

Now the tacky is just about dont choose to paint unwashed surfaces on a very very very humid day. Ok. Silly choice. Next problem. Well, those circles were absolutely caused by the roller. I normally like a roller on floors and doors. I love the bond of a micro layer, but with the extra primer, it was leaving drags in the paint from the surface of the roller. Simple really. Once I thought about it.

Being A Bull Dog – Means Never Give Up! Perseverance is Real!!!


So, we would need to sand down the doors and simply use anything but a roller. No problem. The painter decided to use a different roller. She ignored what I asked and simply reapplied more paint to the sanded door with the new roller. I heard her scream and then I heard her working frantically. Later I learned she got the entire door repainted before she saw it was doing the same exact thing again. She then tried to use the brush to work it out. I now have both the circles and the brushmarks, making it a very active door indeed.

My point is that everything takes effort and skills. To be successful and productive we have to be willing to work harder, stay longer, think more deeply than those around us (which in the modern world is ashamedly easy to obtain). A little thought up front creates a plan which unfolds with much less chaos and drama.

Yes, Imagination Matters


My mother is a bull dog and long ago she played singles tennis and strove to be on that top tier. My mother was never much of a reader, but she needed a little help and she purchased a book on being a better tennis player. The book spoke about using the imagination to develop your playing strategy against your opponent. It dealt with the idea of running scenarios in your mind to determine how a player would react, or training yourself how to react. I found it fascinating and the ideas in the book truly helped to develop myself more fully. So, now as I problem solve, I run those scenarios through my mind. I take the understanding and knowledge I have in a field and I run the process through my mind until it feels right.

Listen to Einstein – The Guy had Game!!


History_Einsteins_World_31815_revised2_SF_HD_still_624x352Einstein had a great mind and a great imagination. Years into his career as an amazing thinker, he revealed that he used his imagination to run scenarios through his mind to determine how the earth and the universe work. It is how he determined the nature of light and speed and sound. He would think and think and think. The man knew how to persevere to get his answers. He was a great bull dog.

So, if you have a strong desire to succeed, be aware that the price is intimacy. Intimacy of knowledge, understanding and thought. Get ready to learn and work hard, and if you continue, no matter how little confidence you have, you will eventually succeed, if you are thinking outside the box and being a bull dog.