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Yoga at Home – A Private Practice

a private yoga practice at home

I adore yoga. It would probably be difficult to list the reasons why I love yoga so much. From emotional balance to spiritual peace, yoga makes me a better person. I have taken a course in Thai Yoga, which is amazing and I would love to get certified in, but for me, my daily yoga practice is a very private one. Continue reading “Yoga at Home – A Private Practice” »

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All That Clutter!! How does Clutter Affect our Lives? Clutter Controls Us!

when clutter controls us

To Clutter or Not to Clutter

I don’t know about you, but clutter has been at the forefront of my thoughts for a long time now. I watch Hoarders just to make sure I never let myself go there. But the last few weeks as we rev up the business we are starting in my home, clutter has become more than just a theory. Continue reading “All That Clutter!! How does Clutter Affect our Lives? Clutter Controls Us!” »

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How to Give Thanks When Life Sucks

when life sucks gratitude really is about attitude

Yep, Life Sucks! It Really Does

Ok, I have to admit it. Life has sucked for a long time. I like to be optimistic, but I also like to call a spade a spade. So as thanksgiving approaches and I feel the ultimate dissatisfaction with my life, I wonder to my self and to God, How do I give thanks when life so wholly sucks? Continue reading “How to Give Thanks When Life Sucks” »

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Estrogen Dominance & Breast Cancer – What more do we need?

use less estrogen to prevent breast cancer

Do We Understand Estrogen Dominance Leads to Cancer Yet?

I find this subject highly under discussed considering how many women die each year from breast cancer. My very best friend is a few years older than me and started menopause prior to me. It was not going well. She went on hormone therapy after completing some financial papers that were less than stellar in her own opinion. She told me she had no mind due to the hormone fog. Continue reading “Estrogen Dominance & Breast Cancer – What more do we need?” »

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Being a Bull Dog & Thinking OutSide the Box

outside the box thinking




I have been in multiple fields of business throughout my careers, and so I have had to develop skills that move across job functions. It is daunting to have to learn an entire new way of working every few years or so, but I have found that it has given me this different way of dealing with processes that others do not have. Mostly, I have learned about being a bull dog. Continue reading “Being a Bull Dog & Thinking OutSide the Box” »

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But I Thought They were My Soul Mate – What is a Soul Mate?

we all want a soul mate

What is a Soul Mate?

I am always shocked at how everyone seems to have found their soul mate. I believe if people knew what a soul mate actually is, they would understand the inherent difficulty and most likely run. Now I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade here, but soul mate connections are just not that common. Society has once again found a complex thing and have tried to make it ordinary – something everyone has. We all want a soul mate!! Why I say, don’t we actually want a nice relationship? Continue reading “But I Thought They were My Soul Mate – What is a Soul Mate?” »

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Modern Role Models – Fierce J-Setting with the Prancing Elites

prancing elites project - modern roll models

My daughter and I watch about an hour of tv together most every night. It is my job to find shows to record so we can watch them commercial free. One night I was flipping through looking for more things to record, when I stumbled upon the Prancing Elites Project. My daughter loves synchronized dancing and I had absolutely no idea what the show was when I chose it. Continue reading “Modern Role Models – Fierce J-Setting with the Prancing Elites” »