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All That Clutter!! How does Clutter Affect our Lives? Clutter Controls Us!

when clutter controls us

To Clutter or Not to Clutter

I don’t know about you, but clutter has been at the forefront of my thoughts for a long time now. I watch Hoarders just to make sure I never let myself go there. But the last few weeks as we rev up the business we are starting in my home, clutter has become more than just a theory.

We started last year, taking everything I had been doing for clients and making them more mass produced kind of thing – small batch artisan processing is the phrase. I already had the printing part down. Clothing was going to come next, and those body products I had been doing for years.. well.. that make things crazy. There are days where deliveries come in and it is hard to get from the front door, through the hall and to the kitchen. It has become like an obstacle course. Bath fizzies are amazing no doubt, but 50lb bags of everything really gummed up the works.

unorganized clutter

Did I mention the chocolate confections we are still in the testing phase on – we have to give it away to make sure we don’t eat it all. Twenty five pound boxes of chocolate take up more space than you think.

Awareness of Personal Space is Critical to not becoming a Hoarder

So, I have become increasing aware of the personal space we are losing on a daily basis to accomplish this insane notion of affecting humanity inside and out in a very positive way. And I think a great deal about what I am learning. Even with Good mojo spread around this abode, clutter still has a negative affect. I could smudge it, it would feel better I suppose, but so would cleaning it up.

einstein hated clutter tooWe make a big push every thursday to tidy it all up. Yes, Thursday is garbage day. Living in a city, there are rules to how much garbage we can put out, and so I have become aware that in order to straighten this out, I will need to visit the county dump. No, I do not want to go to the county dump. I envision huge piles of much and seagulls all over feasting on God knows what. It probably isn’t that bad, but still, it is a clear obstacle to our problem. If I don’t want to go to the dump, it will take a little more energy to get there.

Clutter Controls Us if We Let it

So, clutter – clutter becomes this thing – this overwhelming thing. It slows the mind, it numbs us if we let it. For me, it creates something very real emotionally and so I try not to let it get out of hand, but the business, well some of this is stuff I cannot throw out. I need a great deal of this stuff just to operate. So now, not only do I need to go to the dump, I need to organize and actually purchase decent storage solutions. Argh, why isn’t this simpler?

clutter and hoardingWell because it isn’t. Years ago when I was starting out on my spiritual journey, I received weekly lessons from The Self Realization Fellowship. It was the early days of consciousness. But it was a very fruitful time and one of the lessons centered around ownership and possessions. It gave a lovely story to truly highlight the perils of ownership. A very simple lesson. Everything we decide to own, creates responsibility. We become responsible for all we create, literally. I see this happening right now as I purposely inundate my home with stuff.

So, why is clutter a problem, well I don’t think we really think about it much. We are a society that truly focuses on acquiring things. I normally do not have this problem. I am not into acquiring. I have a harder time with keeping things. A lovely gentleman friend of mine laughed the other day at the fact that I know the minute I purchase a piece of clothing that I will have to eventually let it go. I get sad that I will miss it before I even put it on – yes I am funny. But I truly do love my clothes. And that I believe is where the problem begins. We chose to love things that are transitory (like us), things that kind of have very little meaning beyond their function. Unless of course they are red.. and then it really matters, but I digress.

All That Clutter!!!

Clutter!! So, right now I have my clutter. I have my personal clutter and I have my business clutter. Or, we could just admit that I am in the middle of a hot mess! Now the great thing about this is that the business clutter will eventually not be a problem. I will organize the heck out of the place until it feels way better – and as we get better known, we will have created enough to get an actual space outside my house. In the mean time, I am using the business clutter which has overwhelmed us, to clean up the personal clutter a little more. We have to, or I will not be able to function.

Yep, that is the truth, whether we like it or not, clutter can slow us down, physically, mentally and emotionally. It pulls our thoughts away from what we need to focus on. It overwhelms us with the reality of what it will actually take to get it solved and organizes. It takes herculean efforts to actually get it all out of the house. The reality that we do it to ourselves, well that is just depressing. I look around and know I have done this to myself and taken the kids with me. I apologize alot right now.

Time to Clean the Clutter!!!

So, we are about to do what we do best, come together for a common purpose and kick some proverbial butt. We will get the downstairs straightened out and much more livable. It is required. Because Christmas is just a few weeks away, and there is absolutely no where to put the tree! Wish us luck!

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