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Estrogen Dominance & Breast Cancer – What more do we need?

use less estrogen to prevent breast cancer

Do We Understand Estrogen Dominance Leads to Cancer Yet?

I find this subject highly under discussed considering how many women die each year from breast cancer. My very best friend is a few years older than me and started menopause prior to me. It was not going well. She went on hormone therapy after completing some financial papers that were less than stellar in her own opinion. She told me she had no mind due to the hormone fog. Continue reading “Estrogen Dominance & Breast Cancer – What more do we need?” »

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Being a Bull Dog & Thinking OutSide the Box

outside the box thinking




I have been in multiple fields of business throughout my careers, and so I have had to develop skills that move across job functions. It is daunting to have to learn an entire new way of working every few years or so, but I have found that it has given me this different way of dealing with processes that others do not have. Mostly, I have learned about being a bull dog. Continue reading “Being a Bull Dog & Thinking OutSide the Box” »